Art as Therapy - Express, Explore, Heal, Hope, Transcend
  Art as Therapy
Ruth Blaikie, MA, LMFT, AT
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist 
Ruth Blaikie
Providing safe, compassionate and healing therapeutic services to the Edmonds & Seattle communities for over 17 years.
Art as Therapy
*Art making, play and creative expression are natural forms of human communication and language.
*Art Therapy invites people to use this creative language as a way to heal from emotional burdens.
*Art Therapy helps people experience a higher quality of life.
Is Someone You Know Burdened With...?
Stress, trauma, adjustment issues, loss, chaos, instability, relationship conflicts, safety issues, violence history, abuse history, attachment issues...other deep-seated issues...?
Do They Display...?
Social, emotional or behavioral problems that are of concern, such as;  sadness, grief, anxiety, anger, aggression, regressed behavior, withdrawal, "spacing out", dissociation, depression, self-harm, sleep issues, eating issues, deviant behavior, acting-out, identity confusion, low self-esteem, boundary & impulse issues, home/school/work/social difficulties...other concerns...?
Improve Functioning and Quality of Life
*Through the therapeutic art/play process, people can express and identify the cause of their pain.
*They can "work through" their conflicts, problem-solve and practice new coping strategies.
*Healing and change can occur within THEIR comfort zone, and in THEIR language of imagery and creative self-expression. 
*A stronger self-concept leads the way to higher functioning.
Helping Children, Teens & Adults.
Building Strong Social, Emotional and Behavioral Competencies.
Art Therapy Uses Art Materials, Sandtray & Play Therapy Supplies.
Located in Downtown Edmonds
The Heritage Building
555 Dayton St.
Suite D.
Edmonds, WA  98020
Telephone:  425-778-8775
Fax:  425-771-7266
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