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Attachment Models​

As humans, from the moment we are born, until the moment we die, we have the natural need to attach to primary people in our life. We desire significant bonds with others. Attaching to someone involves them being trustworthy, emotionally & physically available, appropriately responsive, and a safe haven.

Experiences such as abandonment, neglect, abuse, emotional harm, physical harm, etc., can produce attachment injuries and personal wounds.

These attachment injuries hit at the core of our being. They can start to define us which is in direct conflict with our deep sense of inner goodness.

Therapy offers a safe and compassionate place to tell our story, express our attachment injuries, and initiate the repair and healing process within ourselves and with others. By doing this work, the obstacles to experiencing healthy attachments with others are addressed, and clients can begin to approach life and relate to others from a healthier stance.

Often, attachment injuries occur prior to a fully developed language. Therefore, art therapy is tremendously effective in allowing clients to express the non-verbal aspects of attachment issues. Adults, teens and children can express the experience as felt in their heart, mind, body and soul through art and creative expression. Once it's expressed, then the healing work can begin.

Taking the time to do this work can greatly improve the quality of life for individuals, couples and families. Hope, meaning and connectedness all start to take shape and transform our life.

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