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Compassion Fatigue

Also known as Caregiver Burn-out.

There are so many people who's lives are devoted to the health and well-being of others. They provide care to children, the ill, the elderly, and the disabled. Caregivers are compassionate and empathetic, and have dedicated themselves to making the lives of others

more meaningful. They advocate for quality of life issues for those under their care.

Yet, many caregivers themselves run the risk of emotional and physical exhaustion. Their work, family life, personal health and happiness are at serious jeopardy. The scales are heavily tipped in the direction of providing for other's, but empty on the side of providing self-care. Their resources run dry and it becomes difficult to adequately care for anyone, including themselves. They are living with chronic stress, fatigue, anxiety and depression which impacts every area of their life.

The goal becomes regaining a sense of balance and joy in their life.

In my work with care-givers, we develop the self-compassion which is necessary to make the time for self-care, nurturance, fun, and cathartic self-expression. Client's are given the space to express and process their stressors, anxiety, and demands. They learn self-care and coping strategies which greatly improves the balance in the caregivers life, which can improve their health and peace of mind.

Art Therapy is used to provide physical catharsis of their experiences. Engaging in art making can help dislodge the built-up affective energy in a person. Physically expressing stress, anxiety, worry, isolation, depression extremely cathartic in regards to mobilizing those energies out of their minds and bodies, and towards healing, problem solving and resolution. Sessions also allow quiet space, reflection, mindfulness, breathing, meditation/guided visualization, and letting go.

Caregivers are a gift to this world. It's important for them to give themselves the gift of self-care and self-compassion.

For more information on Compassion Fatigue, please visit the Groups & Workshops page.

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