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Family Systems Models

Family Systems is a therapeutic approach whose major tenant revolves around the fact that we all exist in systems, and the family is an inescapable system within which we function. Family Systems acknowledges that we are all interconnected. What happens to one person in the family, can make an impact on other members of the family. This can throw the whole family out of balance.

Family systems approaches are intended to bring the family to a healthy balance, where members can thrive with one another, and improve the quality of life for everyone. In therapy we address the issues which have moved us away from a healthy emotional and physical environment, find meaning in the experiences, and tap into all the family's resources to foster a more nurturing, safe, respectful and fulfilling family life.

The relationship dynamics are addressed and efforts are made to establish safe, trusting, caring, and appropriately responsive relationships amongst one another. Primarily, the goal is for the family to become a safe haven, and establish a new balance.

Family Resiliency Model

"Resilience" means; the strengths we have in response to adversity. How we rebound from crisis, manage persistent stresses, adapt to disruptive changes, gain resources to meet future challenges (Froma Walsh, PhD)

The KEYS to Family Resilience is providing healing and positive growth from the crisis, trauma or loss that the family is experiencing (Froma Walsh, PhD).

Families sometimes experience a difficult event and struggle to get out of the grip of pain, anger, grief, loss and confusion which follows in it's wake. The Family Resiliency Model acknowledges that despite the trauma, loss or difficult situation which the family experienced, they have used amazing resources to try to cope with it up until the present moment. Those efforts have preserved them thus far, and gotten them to this point of searching for professional help. Those efforts are acknowledged as remarkable and evidence of the family's ability to be resilient even in the most challenging times.

In therapy, we allow the family to express and process the feelings around the event, how they've been coping, and how they've been trying to make meaning of it all. Together, we can explore additional natural support and resources from within each family member, in the family as a whole, and in their community. How do we take this situation and move foreward? New options can be explored in order to assist in coping that promotes healing and a healthier quality of life for all of the family members.

The Family Resilience Model is a family systems model, and rests in the belief that resilience is nurtured in relationships. To thrive (not just survive), individuals need "Lifelines"...people in which they have bonds, models, and mentors.

Strengthening family reslience includes: facilitating coping, healing, and positive growth through strengthening family, community, cultural and spiritual connections (Froma Walsh, PhD).

Families are remarkably reslient, and in their own time, can "bounce-foreward" from the impact of trauma and loss, and into a new experience of life which holds meaning. I support families throughout this process.

Families and individuals have a huge capacity for resiliency.

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